Police body camera footage shows a one-armed rookie officer chasing down and arresting a car thief in Texas

On June 18, police body camera footage shows a rookie cop with one arm following down and catching a vehicle thief in Texas.

When a traffic stop developed into a foot pursuit, Officer Samuel Brown of the White Settlement Police Department, who was born without a forearm or hand owing to a congenital abnormality, acted quickly.

Brown told NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, “I live for this type of thing.” ‘This is why young people choose to pursue a career as a police officer.’ They want to engage in foot pursuits and track down the bad people.’

According to authorities, Brown and his colleague Corporal J. Porter noticed the stolen red Ford Fusion outside of an auto service business.

The man got out of the car and rushed into a residential area when authorities pulled him over.

Officers pursued the man on foot as quickly as they could, but Porter strained to keep up.

While Brown pursued the culprit, Porter got a ride from a passing stranger.

Porter arrives on the scene, and Brown arrests the thief, according to the tape.

‘Had to get a taxi,’ Porter joked.

Brown moved to Texas and joined the force in February after being ineligible for service in California due to state physical requirements, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth reported.