Air Education and Training Command officials announces the addition of the new identity access management tool to the learning system

Beginning June 23, Total Force Airmen and Guardians will be able to learn from anywhere, at any time, and on any device by using a myLearning username and password.

Officials from the Air Education and Training Command announced the addition of a new identity access management tool to the learning system, which will allow personnel with a Common Access Card to create a username and password to log into myLearning and myTraining on personally owned devices (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) using a third-party authentication application.

According to Oakland, this also allows units with missions outside of the office environment, such as maintenance, security forces, or logistics readiness, to finish their training away from a government-owned computer.

To create a username and password, users must first log into myLearning on the government network using their CAC. Airmen can use a mobile device with the security authentication apps FreeOTP or Google Authenticator, both of which are free and can be downloaded from the device’s app store.

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