Nine members of the January 6 House select committee likely to get a security detail due to violent threats

As a result of an increase in violent threats over the previous 24 hours following the panel’s fourth public hearing, the nine members of the House select committee will probably have a security detail on hand on January 6.

According to three sources engaged in the probe, The Washington Post reported on the development on Wednesday.

The majority of Republican election officials spoke at the hearing on Tuesday about how former President Donald Trump and his friends pressed them to annul the 2020 election and the threats they faced when they refused.

Both committee members and witnesses have provided specifics of the threats they have received.

One of the committee’s two Republicans, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, released a letter to his wife on Sunday in which he refers to her as a c**t and threatens to be “executed.”

But don’t be alarmed! The letter refers to the congressman’s six-month-old son by saying, “You and Christian will be joining Adam in hell too!”

Republicans were urged to down the heat by Kinzinger.

‘Here is the letter. Addressed to my wife, sent to my home, threatening the life of my family,’ he tweeted. ‘The Darkness is spreading courtesy of cowardly leaders fearful of truth. Is [this] what you want @GOP? Pastors?’

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, another committee member, has had a security detail since last year.

Aides told The Washington Post that she hasn’t been able to hold large-scale campaign events due to security threats.

Cheney is facing a pro-Trump primary challenger for her Wyoming House seat, with voters heading to the polls in mid-August.

Overall, there are nine members, seven Democrats and two Republicans, who are serving on the committee.

In a similar move, security details were given to lawmakers last year who served as impeachment managers for second impeachment trial.

The United States Capitol Police wouldn’t confirm on-the-record that the nine lawmakers were getting details.

‘For safety reasons, the USCP does not discuss potential security measures for Members,’ a spokesperson for USCP told The Post.

The uptick in threats to members came after witnesses on Tuesday detailed the own threats they faced.

Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers said Trump supporters would swarm his home on Saturdays, while he and his wife were taking care of their ailing daughter, who died several weeks after January 6.

‘We’ve had various groups come by and they have had video panel trucks of videos proclaiming me to be a pedophile, a pervert, and a corrupted politician,’ Bowers recounted. ‘Loudspeakers in my neighborhood and leaving literature and arguing and threatening my neighbors.’

Republican Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state for Georgia, said that his widowed daughter-in-home law’s had been broken into.

And witness Shaye Moss described seeing a barrage of racial slurs on her Facebook message app after Trump included her mother Ruby Moss in a conspiracy theory about why he lost Georgia before the election.


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