Man allegedly punches 16-year-old driver in face in road rage incident

A 49-year-old Plymouth driver was arrested after allegedly assaulting a teen driver with a steering wheel and punching him during a road rage incident.

According to Plymouth Police, Daniel Kenney engaged in a vehicular road rage yelling match with the teen, which escalated to Kenney allegedly punching him in the face and “thrashing his body back and forth to the point that the victim’s head was hitting the steering wheel,” the Plymouth Police Department said on Facebook.

“Traffic is getting worse. People sometimes make driving mistakes. It’s easy to get upset about other people’s driving, and if it’s bad enough, you can always report it to the Police,” the department wrote on Facebook. “But doing anything else, including arguing, or exiting a vehicle is NEVER worth it.”

The department reminded drivers that road rage incident outcomes can include death, injury, criminal and civil penalties.

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