How Does Supreme Court’s Decision On NY Gun Law Affect Colorado?

DENVER (CBS4) – The U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down a New York law is likely to impact several states, but not so much in Colorado. Unlike New York, Colorado does not require a “special need” to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Here you have to pass a background check and a training course.

CBS4 spoke with the Conservative Independence Institute and Mountain States Legal Foundation on their reading of the decision.

Both indicated Colorado’s concealed carry law should stand because it does not make special requirements for why a firearm is needed outside the home. That provision was a key to why the New York law was struck down.

The Supreme Court ruling comes as mass shootings in Texas, Buffalo and elsewhere led the U.S. Senate to agree on universal background checks and red flag laws.

“On this day we are enacting this the Supreme Court is throwing out this 150 or more than 100 year old law in New York, so that’s the give and take of our democratic society,” said Sen. Michael Bennet, Democrat from Colorado.

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Groups also agreed Denver and Boulder’s ordinances banning guns in parks may be found unconstitutional if challenged. The Denver City Attorney’s Office told CBS4 it is aware of the decision and they are currently reviewing the decision.

Recent gun control laws passed by municipalities like Louisville and Superior as well as Boulder were not affected by the Supreme Court ruling according to the conservative groups.

Cory Wisniewski, Director of the Center to Keep and Bear Arms of the Mountain States Legal Foundation said, “Any restrictions on carry in places that cities are calling ‘sensitive places’ could be affected by this ruling as those are compared to the history and understanding of that term in 1791 when the Second Amendment was ratified.”

“The Supreme Court basically upheld the individual right to carry arms in public for the purpose of self defense,” he told CBS4.

Wisniewski added that could mean parks. There was no immediate response from the City of Denver. Recently, a Douglas County commissioner expressed interest in his county taking control of Daniels Park after Denver passed an ordinance banning conceal carry in denver parks. Daniels Park is located within Douglas County, but is owned by the city of Denver.

Mayor Michael Hancock has indicated under no circumstances will it relinquish the park. Both the Independence Institute’s David Kopel and Wisniewski of Mountain States indicated they did not feel that recent municipal gun control ordinances passed by Boulder County cities and towns would be impacted by the Supreme Court ruling.

Colorado Ceasefire condemned the Supreme Court Ruling predicting more gun related deaths. The City of Denver says it is reviewing the Supreme Court decision.

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