Sacramento-Area Teens, Young Adults Gain Life Skills Through ‘Adult 101’

NATOMAS (CBS13) – At 17 years old, Gabrielle Solis finds herself in between chapters.

“It’s definitely confusing and exciting,” she said in between searching for a book to checkout at South Natomas Library.

She’s not quite an adult, but the high school senior is certainly not a little kid.

Solis is confident in her job interview skills, but there are other parts to adulting she would like to ace.

“I would like to learn more as for better financial skills like taxes and stuff because I hear a lot about that but we don’t teach about it and it seems like a really big part about being an adult but I have no idea of how to do it yet,” Solis said.

Ricardo Ramirez of Sacramento Public Library is excited to launch the limited summer series, Adult 101.

“Last week, we had over 80 participants,” said the bilingual outreach librarian.

The series is held online Tuesdays followed by in-person gathering Thursdays and go beyond college and job readiness.

Sometimes, topics look at marketing towards teens and young adults while also promoting health and wellness.

The courses show how education is not only confined to classrooms.

What some might call street smart, Ramirez likes to refer to it as soft skills.

The online and in-person gatherings are even more meaningful when speakers are also young adults.

“You could tell and you could see in their reactions young people were like, ‘Oh, okay this is someone who is like us, who’s telling us something that’s really important,’” Ramirez said.

For Solis, she may not currently know everything she wants to learn but she does know this.

“I think it’s very, very important that these kids are guarded and protected,” Solis said.

The series is held online Tuesdays followed by in-person gathering Thursdays.

To find out more information including how to register, click here.